This section is a collection of the most recent and most interesting designs in terms of function, form, or purpose. All of the images are renders, but every single one of these projects have been 3D printed. If you have questions or comments about the designs or know someone who would be able to make good use of the product, contact me at eugenepentalnd@gmail.com


Amazon Echo Dot Case

The Goal:

Create a design for the Echo Dot that improved its functionality and ascetic 

The Function:

It is made to sit next to a wall or in a corner of the room, and to be angle towards where the user sits or uses it most frequently. This slight angle allows for more consistent results when triggering Alexa, as well as better visibility of the LED when it is triggered. The holes along the side of the model are for the audio of the internal speakers. The design is made to amplify the sound by directing it towards the user.

The Design:

The concept had been inspired by the Google Home. It had been made to still make it apparent that there is a piece of technology in the room, while not having it being overbearing and have it be more homey than the echo dot alone.

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Electronic Wheelchair Smart Handle

This was designed to solve a problem for those who use a wheelchair and suffer from seizures. The problem with conventional handles on a wheelchair is that when someone has a seizure, their hand locks around the handle and move sporadically, which causes the chair to move, which could cause them to crash into a wall, or break the mechanics of the chair itself. This handle is designed to function as intended under normal use, but when there is too much force applied to the handle, it pops out of place, protecting both the user and the chair, which could save thousands of dollars in damages. The handle itself is also made to be replaceable, and able to be custom made to fit the hand of the specific user. This way, it can be custom made for every user, making it much more comfortable to grab and operate. If you know someone that suffers from this issue, please contact us directly at eugenepentland@gmail.com.



Compact Coin Sorter


The most compact and simple coin sorter design. It is made to be small enough to fit on a desk, or even in a cup holder in a car. All of the coins begin by being placed inside the hopper, and then the ring is spun clockwise to sort all of the coins. The size of the holes goes from smallest to largest diameter, to ensure that all of the coins end up in the correct sleeve. Each of the sleeves can be easily disconnected from the base to be emptied out and snap right back into place. This simple yet elegant design allows for fast coin sorting in the most compact form factor on the market.

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